OC.T unveils 550hp Audi S3 Biturbo

The Austrian tuner got it´s hands on a previous-generation Audi S3 and converted the drivetrain from all- to rear-wheel drive. The entire drivetrain has been transfered to the back of the vehicle, to enable fabulous drifting with an extrem fun factor. Results of this massive conversion – a nearly ideal weight distribution of 50 to 50 percent between front and rear. Adding to the fun is the 2.7 liter V6 twin-turbo engine from an Audi RS4, powered up to 550 hp.

On the outside, the increase in power is immediately recognizable thanks to massively bodywork as well as larger front and rear bumpers.

Changes to the inside include carbon-fiber trim in the doors. The monstrous engine and the STW-derived X-Trac race transmission required a much larger and wider center console.

As a result, the Porsche racing bucket seats as well as the pedals had to be positioned further to the left and right respectively. A removeable steering wheel serves as the instrument with which ballsy drivers can attempt to tame the wild O.CT S3. Above the wheel, a digital stack display keeps the driver informed with all vital engine stats. To the right of the display: the display for the gear currently engaged.
Want to buy the ultimate S3? The O.CT S3 is unique, but it is not out of question, that it will be possible to buy the unicat. But for now the S3 serves as a demonstration that O.CT Tuning is very well capable of creating an complete one-off vehicle, in addition to the regular business of engine tuning via internet, also known as O.CT-IPRO power upgrade.


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