Armorall making new innovations for car detailing – tire dressing on stereoids

Armorall might be a quite unknown company when talking to regular car enthusiast. They are important because they are making a lot of products that are used for car care. Car care is important because it makes sure that your car stays in good shape. Recently they just introduced a set of tire dressings. They make the cars look even better because they do not harm it and last longer. In case you do not know what is tire dressing, there is a wealth of information about it on different websites.

Their new solution does not stick to the tire, but rather it just goes onto it and mildly catches the grip in between small spaces on the tires. Now, many people will see no big deal in this. This is because tire dressing indeed is not a big deal. However, the big news is that this can be applied to other parts of the car as well! Interior of the car can be cleaned at exactly the same way. Other detailing on the car can not only be performed faster, but it can also have the longer lasting effect!

Why is this so useful again?

Well, after the dressing is used for a while, parts of it start to disappear. The other parts still stay on the surface. What you want to do is to get rid of everything on the surface and just apply completely new dressing in order to get a long lasting (new) tire shine. With this invention, you can do that! You can indeed clean the tires very easily and therefore it makes it very easy to apply new dressing. Now, this is how we can get some real progress with this new invention!


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